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August 20, 2012
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8202012 Vrai+Olive by KenDraw 8202012 Vrai+Olive by KenDraw
Vrai and Olive- two of my lesser drawn characters.
Olive is OLLDDDD- think 2003 old.
Of course she's gone through a massive revamp, but she's essentially always kept her personality as well as her blonde-hairXgreen-attire.

she appears to be around 40 years old, but like Vrai, is much older than her appearance lets on.

Felt like combining a reference of them since Vrai and Olive are very very close.

For some random tid bits:

:bulletblue: Vrai is a Truth-Teller, a species that is 'created' through a curse. Truth-tellers can 'see' when someone lies, as well as read or hear anything and be able to see the truth or faultily details in it. While this is beneficial, they are also incapable of lying and speaking anything BUT the truth- making them seem a bit coarse when correcting or speaking their opinion.
:bulletblue: Quite the gentleman, and far from sociable But he isn't above lending some information to those who are in need of it.
:bulletblue: He dons a face-mask in order to deter people from speaking to him. This is due to the facts he gives often being very harsh and hurtful, if someone were to avoid him due to thinking he's ill, the less likely they'll be hurt by the truth.

:bulletgreen: Olive Greene is a Librarian in Darem, often keeping to herself and traveling to other worlds to gather more books for her massive inventory of knowledge. She's highly curious and driven, but reluctant to open up to others.
:bulletgreen: She is a skilled 'reader', a being that is able to touch someone or something and instantaneously know everything about it/them (Similar to Clairsentience but heightened). Hence her gloved hands. She feels her ability is extremely intrusive to others and therefore makes a point of keeping any sort of physical contact to a minimum. She does, however, use it to read the books she acquires- touching it and knowing all that is within it's pages.
:bulletgreen: She cursed Vrai into becoming a truth-teller. (Amongst other things.)

I'm taking Commissions!:star:

art and characters *KenDraw (me.)
Do NOT copy or distribute. Thank you.
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RCWikkydArtist Aug 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I really like these character designs, especially the colors and the details of shading, lighting, and shines. I love how there's that subtle hint of age on Olive's face despite how old she really is. They have such interesting backgrounds and personalities, it would be nice to see more of them. :)
Thank you! I'm really glad you like both their designs!
Hopefully I'll be able to draw them more, I'm pleased to hear that you like them both!
RCWikkydArtist Aug 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome :)
I don't think I remember too much of Olive, but I like her none the less.
I think you do a good job making your characters look aged. :)
She wasn't used that much and was only a BG character, so I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't ring a bell! I completely forgot about her for YEARRRSSS until I had dreams about her and Vrai interacting, haha.
Aww shucks, thanks Caylee! I'm glad y' think so!
AvaSabia Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You seriously have some of the most creative ideas! And I really love Olive's design! She's really pretty, and I love her color scheme! c:

Your coloring is also wonderful, as usual. I simply love the amount of detail you put into it, and the color is so bright and beautiful! :heart:
Thank you! I'm very honored that you think so!
I'm also very glad you like Olive's design and colour scheme!

Well shucks! I should try and do this colourin' more often then! I'm glad y' like it!
Candimente Aug 21, 2012   Digital Artist
DUDE. You're so creative. :iconcoolplz:
And I like Vrai's jacket dealie. *_*
AW SHUCKS AAA Thank you!
I'm really glad you think so and that you like Vrai's jacket!
Candimente Aug 30, 2012   Digital Artist
you're welcome c:
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